Alcoholic Beverages

We undertake analyses and tests in alcoholic beverages (e.g. tsikoudia, raki, honey-raki, ouzo, liqueurs etc.) with a final aim to audit and certify products prior their packaging and market disposal. We also develop production protocols, as well as design and optimize distillation of aromatic compounds or alcohol. Indeed, we have the necessary experience for the accurate calculation of hydro-ethanolic mixtures dilution and concentration. This process presents problems in industrial scale production since (a) the mixture volume changes after merging water and ethanolic streams, and (b) ethanol is evaporated very easily (particularly in the environmental conditions of Crete).

Routine assays and tests include:

  • Specific density
  • Degrees of alcohol (alcohol content per volume)
  • Sensory examination
  • Acidification and/or yellowing removal
  • Clarification
  • Water dilution
  • Concentration with ethanol
  • Determination of methanol
    Determination of alcoholic profiles
  • Fraud control

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