Applied Research

Functional foods development, waste valorization, alcoholic fermentation with modern biotechnological methods, and other applications


Studies and solutions for agencies, companies, and institutions covering the whole spectrum of food and environmental science and technology

Authentication of Products

Molecular identification of the variety of wines, olive oils and other agro-industrial crops

Food additives

In situ fortification of real products (food, beverages and cosmetics) with natural antioxidants and extracts

Customized Studies

Optimized recovery of antioxidants from natural products and processing by-products of the food industry

Development of Protocols

Differentiation from other products on the market using original vinification methodologies

Consultation Works

Supporting companies, public bodies and organizations

Research Projects

Cooperation with research centers, private entities and consortia

Research Programs

Cooperation with Universities, Research Institutes and private companies in Greece and abroad


Original research studies for the food industries, their interactions with the environment and the bio-economy

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