To provide integrated solutions for individuals and companies, we offer many products at competitive prices. The offered products include:

  • Oenological (pectolytic and other enzymes, wine-making yeasts, tannins, clarification agents, preservatives, metabisulphite, tartaric acid, mixtures of yeast’s nutritional additives for proper winemaking, barrels disinfectants, tablets for the removal of wine flowering, stabilizers and additives to improve wine taste and aroma, activated carbon for the removal of red color and flavor improvement, densitometers, alcoholmeters, thermometers, specialized oenological mixtures for winemaking prepared by our laboratories, etc.)
  • Equipment and reagents to determine acidity in olive oils (solution, solvent, glassware, and appropriate accessories)
  • Food additives
  • Reagents
  • Chemicals
  • Other equipment and determination kits
  • Disinfectants for distillery tanks

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