Olive Oil

We undertake the analyses of olive oils, vegetable oils (refined or not, such as kernel, cooking, seed, avocado oil, etc.) and fats for the monitoring, optimization and certification of products from the field to the mill, the tank, the bottle and finally to consumers.

Routine determinations include those referred in the existing Regulation 2568/91 EEC (as amended up to date from the 61/2011 EC Regulation), and others such as:

  • Free Acidity
  • Peroxide value
  • Absorbency in ultra violet (Κ270, K232 and ΔΚ)
  • Organoleptic assessment (Median of Defeats and Median of Fruity)
  • Alkyl esters
  • Moisture and other volatile substances
  • Foreign substances
  • Iodine and saponification index
  • Wax content
  • Fatty acids synthesis
  • Sum of transoleic isomers, translinoleic and translinolenic isomers
  • ECN42
  • Sterols content
  • Total diole content (Erythrodiol + Uvaol)
  • Nutritional labelling (protein, fat, moisture and carbohydrates)
  • Total phenols
  • Heavy metals (i.e. Cu, Fe, Pb, As , etc.)
  • Pesticide residues
  • Anisidine index, polar compounds and totox index
  • Authentication of variety and traceability of Greek Olive Oils (PDO-PGI)

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